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loan shark Definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
loan shark noun C. us / lon rk / infml disapproving. a person who charges a very large amount of interest for lending money. Definition of loan shark from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press. loan shark in Business English.
Loan sharks Citizens Advice.
You can find more information about loan sharks and reporting them on the GOV.UK website at If you are in debt or you are thinking about borrowing from a loan shark, get advice first, for example, at a Citizens Advice Bureau.
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If you have been approached by someone you think is a loan shark, you need to report them and contact the police if you are in immediate danger. Find out how to report a loan shark on the GOV.UK website.
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Loan Shark.
A loan shark, then, would be someone who illegally charged interest over the state's' legal limit, which could range up to, or even over, 100%. BREAKING DOWN Loan Shark. For example, a loan shark would lend 10000, to a person with the provision that they be repaid 20000, within 30 days.
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Loan shark Wikipedia.
The loan fund for these operations came from the proceeds of the numbers racket and was distributed by the top bosses to the lower echelon loan sharks at the rate of 1% or 2% a week. The 1952 B-flick Loan Shark, starring George Raft, offers a glimpse of mob payday lending.
Urban Dictionary: loan shark.
Get a loan shark mug for your dog Julia. loan shark unknown. A person or agency that gives you a set amount of money and adds interest to that money so that you end up paying back more than you borrow.
Illegal loan sharks drove me to brink of suicide after 20 loan became 7000, Mirror Online.
Shark hunter: Tony Quigley with weapons and tally books Image: Dale Martin. The victim, who earned 32000, a year before losing his job, described one of the sharks as very friendly initially, but ended up nicknaming him Dr Jekyll because he could turn nasty so quickly. He said: At first he acted like he wanted to help. He even made friends with my wife. But these people are leeches, the are just out to cause misery and destroy people for their own gain. He urged anyone who felt they were going through the same ordeal to contact the Illegal Money Lending Team. It has prosecuted more than 300 loan sharks since it was launched seven years ago.
Loan Shark TV Tropes.
A Doll's' House deconstructs the trope by having the final payment and signing off of the loan cause more trouble than the loan itself ever did, and the loan" shark, Krogstad, isn't' just an evil and unidimensional Jerk Ass stock character but a fully realised human being with his own flaws, virtues and motivations.
Dealing with loan sharks nidirect.
If you have borrowed money from a loan shark you are under no legal obligation to repay the debt. You should contact your local Trading Standards office immediately. They will help you deal with your situation and the loan shark.

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